Interview with Tina Hausmann: “Speed, my intrinsic passion”

The F1 Academy is the women's series that, in its second edition, will run alongside Formula 1. F1 Teams have lined up their female drivers: Tina Hausmann has been chosen by Aston Martin Aramco F1 Team and she will be on track with PREMA on March 7 in Jeddah.

We had the opportunity to chat with Tina Hausmann (17), a swiss driver born in 2006 who will be on track in the upcoming F1 Academy season.

The news introduced for the women’s championship stipulates that each Formula 1 team can field one driver for the F1 Academy grid; the Aston Martin Aramco F1 Team, on November 23, announced Tina Hausmann as its driver; she will race with the italian PREMA team wearing the colors of the Silverstone-based team in a specially designed livery.

Tina Hausmann’s career

Tina Hausmann, Italian F4, circuit Paul Ricard – round 5; Credits

Tina Hausmann began her career in karting in 2013, eventually landing in the Formula Winter Series, Italian F4 Championship and Euro 4 Championship categories. For Tina, these championships were highly competitive and allowed her to constantly learn and improve.

In addition, she recently won the Women’s Trophy Championship, capping off a season full of learning and growth. In this interview, Tina shared insights into her journey, her recent partnership with the Aston Martin Aramco F1 Team, and her vision for the future.

Where did her passion come from?

Tina’s love for racing was sparked at a young age by seeing a kart at a dealership; from that moment she discovered a passion for speed that seemed to be part of her DNA. During the interview, she talked about an episode she experienced as a child, which she still remembers, in which her first words werefaster, faster,” echoing from the back seat during mountain trips to ski resorts. For Tina, being in a car, racing, competing and pushing herself to the limit represent an inherent passion.

A dream come true

Speaking about her recent entry into the F1 Academy, Tina expresses her excitement and gratitude as, this new chapter, represents an opportunity to continue learning and improvingon track” but also “off track.” The combination of Prema and Aston Martin Aramco F1 Team is a dream come true.

After visiting the factories of both teams and experiencing the warm and passionate atmosphere, she is looking forward to working with the teams and continuing her journey of growth on and off the track.

Tina Hausmann with Jessica Hawkins; Credits

I felt comfortable from the very first moment. Everyone I met had the same spark in their eyes: a passion for racing! I can’t wait to get back in the car and start working with both teams“.

One important role will be that of Jessica Hawkins, who was chosen as Aston Martin Aramco F1 Team’s head of racing for the F1 Academy. In 2023, Hawkins became the first woman to drive a modern F1 car, conducting her first test aboard the AMR23 in Hungary. In the F1 Academy she will accompany Tina along her journey; both are excited to work together and Jessica, with her years of experience, will be the ideal mentor.

Private and professional life: the most important balance

Being a racing driver involves important preparation, but it is equally important to value free time. Tina spends it with friends, classmates and family, and tells how crucial it is to appreciate moments away from the racetrack without the adrenaline coursing through her body.

Tina Hausmann via Instagram

As an athlete I’m competitive by nature and driven to improve and perform at my best. Many elements have to come together and the new chapter is building on them“.

The daily life of a professional driver ranges from physical and mental training, to nutrition, to practicing with the SIM. Part of the day-by-day is managing social media accounts, engaging with his supporters and interacting with fans.

For me it is also crucial to continue with my education. I go to the gymnasium / high school and attend the classes to the extent possible. The exams I miss due to racing have to either be written beforehand or later during the semester. Hence, focus and time management is key. As you can imagine spare time is rare but very precious“.

Women in motorsport

Talking about of gender in motorsport, Tina shares her perspective on the resources needed by all girls who want to cultivate their passion and talent. Below we report what she said.

Tina Hausmann x Aston Martin Aramco F1 Team; credits Tina Hausmann

During my entire time within motor sports I was respected as an athlete regardless of gender but I had to keep at it, not ever give up on my passion and pushing for it every single day. There are different ways to navigate the world of motorsports. From my perspective I am a strong believer that three elements have to come together to be able to grow and improve: passion – skills – experience. The F1 Academy offers passionate female drivers the exceptional opportunity to improve their skills and gain further experience on and off track. I’m convinced that over time the pyramid of female drivers on all levels will further grow. Being part of this journey and having the opportunity to support inspiring young athletes to join the family of motorsports is exceptional. If you believe in yourself, everything is possible. Don’t just dream your life but live your dreams“.

The future is now

My passion is racing.” This is how Tina responds when she was asked about her future, underlining how fundamental the present is in achieving her goals. Tina reiterates her unshakable passion. Her medium-long term goals revolve around constant improvement “day by day, step by step“, and the desire to compete with the best drivers.

As we discussed before the combination of Prema and Aston Martin Aramco Formula 1 Team is unique. I would like to learn as much as possible and be able to live up to my expectations and even go beyond“.

Tina’s words convey a powerful message: “Follow your passion and push yourself to constantly improve.” A warning that resonates not only among the circuits around the world, but in the soul of every individual who want to transform passion into success.

Tina’s path is configured as a hymn to perseverance and determination, demonstrating that, even in the tightest curves, commitment and dedication open the way to extraordinary opportunities.

The 2024 F1 Academy calendar

This year the F1 Academy championship will take place together with Formula 1; it will start on March 7 in Jeddah and will continue for seven rounds, reaching the last round in December at the Yas Marina circuit.

  • March 7-9, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia;
  • May 3-5, Miami, United States of America;
  • June 21-23, Barcelona, Spain;
  • August 23-25, Zandvoort, Netherlands;
  • September 20-22, Marina Bay, Singapore;
  • November 29 – December 1, Lusail, Qatar;
  • December 6-8, Yas Marina, United Arab Emirates.